7 Reasons Why You Should Know Naomie Harris ...


7 Reasons Why You Should Know Naomie Harris ...
7 Reasons Why You Should Know Naomie Harris ...

If her face looks familiar but you can’t really place it, then, perhaps, you could use a list of reasons why you should know Naomie Harris. This brilliant and sophisticated young British actress has been acting for some time and in roles you will recognize. You have, no doubt, seen her in Skyfall or Pirates of the Caribbean 2 and 3. Naomie is a fantastic actress with fabulous style which is why I present to you my list of reasons why you should know Naomie Harris.

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She is an Extraordinary Actress

She is an Extraordinary Actress Naomie appeared as a major character in films such as Pirates 1 and 2 and James Bond Skyfall. She also appeared in some remarkable television shows – my favorite of which is Accused. Her range of emotion is believable and her screen presence is likable. I want to be best friends with her! Her phenomenal acting skills are number one on my list of reasons why you should know Naomie Harris.


28 Days Later

28 Days Later I remember watching this scary movie and thinking to myself (ok, slightly out loud): run, you crazy people! And they did! Then I thought: wow, I love her jacket! This adrenaline-fueled movie was my introduction to Naomie Harris…and her sexy co-star, Cillian Murphy. She was a machete totin’ badass that moved like lightening to save herself and her friend.


Tia Dalma in Pirates 2 and 3

Tia Dalma in Pirates 2 and 3 Who didn’t want to be Tia Dalma? Okay, the rotten teeth and undead boyfriend were a bit of a drag. But, wow! Naomie made being a rundown sea priestess look utterly cool and alluring. Naomie portrayed a character that was interesting, powerful, and sexy! Her turn as this entrancing character is one of the reasons why you should know Naomie and her work!


She Was a Bond Girl!

She Was a Bond Girl! I love a good Bond film. So, imagine my excitement when I saw that Naomie Harris was going to play Bond girl Eve Moneypenny! Joy! In this role Naomie demonstrated, again, her ability to play a tough, smart woman. As Moneypenny, Harris is badass incarnate! She did a bang-up job and made history along the way as the first black actress to play Moneypenny.


Naomie is a Style Chameleon

Naomie is a Style Chameleon In 28 Days Later, Naomie sported a pretty rough looking pixie cut. She also occasionally wore the same short style off-screen. She has also sported dreads, long layers, and shoulder length waves. Just look at the range of styles she sported during the Skyfall promotion circuit! Each style is totally unique and different from the last. Naomie is a style chameleon!


Flaunts Her Imperfections, Perfectly!

Flaunts Her Imperfections, Perfectly! When I was about six years old an accident left me with a permanent visible scar. Like many of us with physical imperfections, Naomie has learned to wear hers with confidence. While the detail of the scar is her business, the placement is quite prominent: a lengthy mark down her back. Unscathed by the placement and prominence, Naomie wears whatever she likes! Her unflappable confidence reminds us all that your scar is a reminder of your story.


She’s about to Make History

She’s about to Make History This fall Naomie will play Winnie Mandela in the biopic about the well-known Nelson Mandela. Her roles in previous big-budget films have prepared her well for a movie of this size. However, it is the subject matter that we will look out for. The story of a much beloved leader and his wife will no doubt cause much chatter across the movie-going world. Naomie is the perfect actress for this role!

Naomie Harris is a great actress with wonderful style. She hooked me right away with 28 Days Later and has kept me as a fan ever since. Are you familiar with Naomie Harris? Please, share!

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