8 Celebrities Who Blew It and How Not to Repeat Their Mistakes ...


Do you give second chances, whether it's to loved ones or famous celebrities who blew it? Whether it’s a career bumble or a relationship mistake, plenty of people will need a second chance at some point in their lives – and most are likely to get at least one. But what happens if the second chance doesn’t work out either? For every celebrity that’s turned their life around, there seems to be more celebrities who blew it. Check out these celebrities who didn’t take their opportunity to turn things around, and what you can learn from their mistakes.

1. Mel Gibson – Learn from past Mistakes

Did you watch The Passion of the Christ? It turned into a massive movie, and not least because actor Mel Gibson was accused of homophobia and anti-Semitic overtones when creating it. He apologised, and it seemed he’d managed to put the issue behind him – until he was recorded racially abusing his ex-wife. And then in 2006, was arrested for drunk-driving, and told the police officer that Jews were responsible for all the wars. It seems he didn’t learn his lesson in the first place – and by continuing the same behaviour, he made his apologies worthless. I can’t see Mel being given another chance! He's one of the biggest celebrities who blew it in a huge way.

John Terry – Respect is Never Guaranteed
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