7 Celebrities Who'd Give You the Worst Relationship Advice Ever ...


The worst relationship advice can come from a celeb too, and judging from the way some of them handle their relationships, the advice they are able to put in might be the last tips to take!

Celebrity love problems are on the rise but, then again, can you think of a time in which this wasn’t so?

One thing’s for sure, with so many annoying couples and seriously troubled individuals, choosing the worst relationship advice from the celebs might be super hard.

Deciding which celebrity’s lead you don’t want to follow, on the other hand, isn’t, so if you ever run into these folks below, be sure to keep your romantic issues private.

1. Rihanna

What can I say?

I really felt for this girl!

I mean, being in a relationship with an abusive person, getting beat up… that’s not something you choose.

Getting back together with the abuser despite the horrifying firsthand experience… now, that was every bit her choice and not a good one, if I may add!2

I mean seriously, what’s the deal with that?

One thing is for sure, you don’t want to be following that example.

It’s like the worst relationship advice ever!

Like, “Oh, but he’ll change!” Yeah right, because that’s how it always happens.

And we all lived happily ever…

Kim Kardashian
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