Celebs That Should Inspire You in All Areas of Life ...


Celebs are certainly a big part of our lives.

Their movies, songs and television shows invade our days and their antics invade the news.

Not all celebs are out to get a headline though.

So instead of seeing which one flashed her privates this week, check out these big names that will inspire you to live your best life.

1. Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie

Jolie contributes millions of dollars to humanitarian aid each year.

She also visits developing countries and offers her assistance there.

Jolie has also adopted several children from other countries.

2. Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Angelina’s other half, Brad Pitt has also donated large sums of money to help the needy and joins Jolie in many of her humanitarian efforts.

3. Ricky Martin

Ricky Martin

Not only does Ricky work to end child trafficking across the globe, but he also supports gay teens after coming out himself.

4. George Clooney

George Clooney

He isn’t just a handsome face!

Clooney organized a telethon and collected $61 million dollars for relief in Haiti.

He is also involved in a variety of other humanitarian efforts.2

5. Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet

In an effort to encourage women to embrace their bodies, Kate publicly announced that GQ magazine retouched her photos when she posed for the cover.

6. Ben Affleck

Ben Affleck

Affleck’s Eastern Congo Initiative was created to help victims of rape as well as to assist the Congo nation in restoring their country and making people feel safe again.

7. Bono


Bono is very involved in efforts to end disease and poverty.

He fights for AIDS research and has been nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize three times.

8. Christina Applegate

Christina Applegate

After battling breast cancer, Christina has helped raise money and awareness of the disease so that other women can survive it just like she did.2

9. Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Fox

After being diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, Fox went on a crusade and works tirelessly to help find a cure for the degenerative condition.

That’s something to look up to!

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