8 Celebs with Killer Curves ...


Curvy Celebrities are not a dime a dozen these days. Seems that more and more women are loving their curves and working with what their mama gave them. Curves make a women an individual but as a curvy celebrity it makes them even more. Take Kim Kardashian as an example, where did she come from? Exactly! Her curves has us starring in awe and her 72 hour marriage has us sticking around for more. Here are my favorite 8 Curvy Celebrities:

1. Christina Hendricks: Actress

Christina Hendricks: Actress

I thought this woman was a superhero after first seeing her.

The gorgeous red hair, the Barbie doll waist and breasts that put Pamela Anderson to shame.

I have a serious girl crush on this Mad Men Actress.

All I have to say about Christina’s curves are….

Geoffrey Arend is one lucky man!

2. Kim Kardashian: Reality Star

Kim Kardashian: Reality Star

The whole Kardashian family is curvaceous.

Like them or loathe them, we can all at least agree that Kim’s curves are killer.

We know she didn’t get them from all the hard work she put in on Dancing with the Stars… but with how often she it photographed coming out of the gym, we know these curves don’t come easy.2

It’s too bad really… I was sorta hoping that if I sat through an entire season of Keeping up with the Kardashians I would be rewarded with a body like that.

3. Amber Rose: Model

Amber Rose: Model

Curves are an understatement when it comes model, Amber Rose.

I guess these curves proved to be too much for Kanye as they are no longer a happy couple.

Whatever the gossip is going around on why they split, this woman’s curves has me hitting the gym dreaming of what could be.2

She is stunning.

4. Christina Aguilera: Singer

Christina Aguilera: Singer

I find a lot of people hate on Christina… or Xtina if we go by her brass knuckles.

Yes, I agree… she flaunts a lotta boob and wears a lot that she probably shouldn’t but you have to give it to her.

She has some beautiful curves.

So what if she dresses the way she does, don’t judge her.

Maybe she gets ready in the dark and doesn’t really know just how much chest and thighs she reveals each and every episode of The Voice.

Adele: Singer
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