10 Extremely Short Celebrity Marriages ...


Celebrity Marriages are a guilty obsession for many people … myself included.

The recent Kim Kardashian + Kris Humphries = 4ever (wherein the value of “4ever” is less than or equal to 72 days) brought the subject to the fore, especially since so many people still don't have the freedom to get married.

Now, aside from that bit of snark right up there, I promised myself I wouldn't talk about Kim.

However, other notoriously short celebrity marriages.

In fact, I thought it would be interested to take a look at the shortest celebrity marriages.2

Some of these numbers are seriously surprising!

1. Rudolph Valentino and Jean Acker < 1 Day

Ah, Valentino.

A sexy, sexy leading man – and a very difficult man to hold.

He's on record as having one of the shortest celebrity marriages ever.

On a magical day in November, 1919, he married Jean Acker.2

On that same magical day in November, 1919, he and Acker separated.


They were at least responsible to realize that impulsively marrying someone after only knowing them a couple of days was a bad idea.2

Too bad it happened after the nuptials!

2. Robin Givens and Svetozar Marinkovic: 1 Day

Beautiful Robin Givens is best known for one of the most controversial marriages of all time: her union with Mike Tyson.

Years after they divorced, however, Robin married a man named Svetozar Marinkovic – her tennis instructor.

They separated the very same day, although the divorce filing occurred a few months later.

3. Zsa Zsa Gabor and Felipe De Alba: 1 Day

Married one day, annulled the next.

Is it any surprise one of the dahling Gabor girls has one of the shortest celebrity marriages?

And the reason for the breakup?

Because she's Zsa Zsa, y'all.

I suppose it worked out all right, because now she's married to a “Prince” who wants to run for mayor and … oh wait.

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