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Hot British Celebrities may be familiar names or may as of yet only be famous across the pond but they do have a tendency to go viral when Hollywood or a big US TV corp picks up on our little island vibe. Love ‘em or hate ‘em, sometimes you can’t help but have a little perv on the current hottest British celebrities. Whoever you think is the hottest is entirely subjective, but this list has been compiled based on who are consistently in the spotlight, who are up and coming and who are undeniably good-looking folks. Most of my top 8 Hottest British Celebrities are also judged by their talent because let’s face it, good looks can only go so far and good talent raises those with it above the rest. Let’s check out some hot British celebrities – lustful thoughts allowed!

1. Tom Hardy

This is one sexy man.

You may have seen him first in the harrowingly dark prison drama Bronson, Layer Cake or RocknRolla, but he rose to Hollywood prominence in Christopher Nolan’s huge blockbuster Inception.

Since then he’s starred in the top films Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy and Warrior.

His powerfully gritty talents, muscular build and bad boy charm has shot him straight into the top spot of hot British celebrities.

He’s rising high with momentum and hopefully won’t be slowing down for a while.

2. Cheryl Cole

America may have raised their eyebrows and strained their ears at understanding her thick Geordie accent, but it’s undeniable that Cheryl Cole is one of Britain’s hottest celebrities.

Rising to fame from girl band Girls Aloud, Cheryl Cole is rarely out of the magazines for either her great sense in fashion, turbulent relationship with footballer Ashley Cole, or her role as judge in The X-Factor.2

She’s one of Britain’s heartthrobs with a beautiful face and ambitious career.

Keira Knightley
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