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Believe it or not, there are so many actresses who never really made it as singers, even though they really tried. Sometimes it's for the best, though. I mean, it seems like every rock star thinks he can be an actor, and every actor thinks they'd be an awesome rock star. Take a look at some of the actresses who never really made it as singers. Not because they're talentless, but just because the music market just wasn't too into them. There's actually some big names on this list!

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Jennifer Love Hewitt

I absolutely adore J-Love! I think she's an incredible actress. After watching this music video for "How Do I Deal", I was actually pleasantly surprised. She's not bad, and neither is the song. However, she never really made it big in the music industry. Although she does still make music for the love of it, I don't think she should ever give up acting for it. She's one of the actresses who never really made it as singers.


Alyssa Milano

Alyssa Milano was like the It-Girl of her time. She's a great actress and like many other great actresses, she thought it'd be a good idea to venture into music. So, here's a music video of a teen Milano singing her song, "Look In My Heart". I don't know what to think of it, really.


Heidi Montag

I mean, what's there to say? Heidi got her fame in The Hills, and has been hungry for more fame ever since. She tried out the whole music thing, and is still at it. The video for "Superficial" is just not working for me. What do you think about it?


Tyra Banks

Actress/model Tyra released "Shake Ya Body" which became a theme song for America's Next Top Model! Don't get me wrong, I actually like this. I think the song was pretty catchy and her voice actually sounds pretty good! However, Tyra didn't really move up in the music industry. I mean, I don't think she needs to. She's already done so much! But still, she's another actress who never really made it as a singer.


Jamie Lynn Sigler

I would've never guessed that Sopranos star Jamie Lynn Sigler dabbled in music. She's not all that bad, but the album she dropped back in the day was too bubblegum pop. It was like a mix of Britney/Xtina/Destiny's Child. It didn't really feel authentic. Here's her video for her single, "Cry Baby".


Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett's got such a great voice on her. It's so smooth and soothing. I could really listen to her for hours. She's had some successes with her music, but her music career has always been under the radar. She's even put out a few albums already.If you haven't listened to her, check her out! She's one actress who think should have actually broke into the music industry.


Victoria Justice

Although Vic did a lot of singing on Victorious, her solo career wasn't really all that. Sure, she has a bunch of loyal fans, and her music is actually really good! However, she hasn't gotten any radio play on it. This single, "Gold", is one of my favorites! I'm surprised it didn't get airplay and turn her into a superstar. She's definitely a singer, just not as successful as I think she should be!

There you have it! These are 7 actresses who never really made it as singers. Some of it is blamed on the audience just not taking well to them, and others were just talentless. I'll let you decide which ones applies to which. Who were you surprised to see on the list?

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Kinda like Jamie Lynn Sigler☺️ it is kinda Britney but I like Britney

Jennifer Lopez is a dancer turned singer turned actress not actress turned singer

Scarlett sounded amazing wow

Victoria Justice has made it as a singer

Love JLH

Victoria justice

Scarlett can sing!!

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