9 down to Earth Celebs Who Would Make Great BFFs ...

While the media is showing us stories of celebs going to rehab and throwing tantrums, there are still some down to earth celebs who I think would make great BFFs. They are laid-back and don’t care that they are famous. They use their media attention to help others and they act just like the rest of us. I love it when celebs don’t let fame get to their head and remain down to earth celebs.

1. Jennifer Lawrence

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I can’t think of anybody else who should top the list of down to earth celebs who would make a great best friend than Jennifer Lawrence. She is hilarious, loves to eat, and does not care about what others think. She would be great to chill and watch a movie with or be the life of the party for a night out on the town. And can you imagine the great inside jokes we could have.

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