9 Amazing Athletes That People Love and Hate Equally ...

The sports world can get crazy at times, not just for the amazing athletes getting paid to wow us, but also for the supporting fans. Some athletes develop an unbelievable fan base, and no matter what they do they are able to keep that support from their fans. So what about those athletes whose haters form a group just as big as their fan base? Well I would say they are equally loved and hated, for the same reasons. Usually there isnโ€™t an in between for amazing athletes. People either love or hate them, because that athlete is either winning for the fan's team, or beating the hater's team. Let me list some athletes whose names always start an argument in a room full of sports loving people.

1. Peyton Manning

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If there was ever a time for Peyton Manningโ€™s name to come up, this is definitely it. After such a wretched loss at the Super Bowl, Manningโ€™s fans were being run down by those who never intended to cheer him on. Manning, being one of the most amazing athletes, has one of the strongest fan bases, because even though his team lost, his fans were still showing their support through positive statuses on social media. Those whose teams didnโ€™t make it to the Super Bowl and Seahawks fans were going crazy online posting memes and statuses that made fun of Manning and his skills. If you want to see a real argument break out, bring up the Broncos' loss to a fan a couple of months from now, and I guarantee a beast will be unleashed.

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