10 Best Sparkly Bodysuits on Celebrities ...

Fashion enthusiasts had a lot of good things to say about the style quotient in the Olympics closing ceremony. Jessie J and Mel B (aka Scary Spice) awed with their performances as they dazzled in their sparkling outfits. They were part of the celebrity trend of flaunting curvaceous figures in nude bodysuits embellished with sequins in strategic places. Some think the trend has been drawn out and overdone; others think it suits the celebrities’ onstage personas. Considering the stylish beauties who have strutted in the nude sparkly bodysuit, I’ll let you judge for yourself. Check out my list of top ten best sparkly bodysuits on celebrities, who make it look crazy sexy!

1. Katy Perry

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At the MuchMusic Video Awards 2012, Katy Perry expanded her talent wings in a beautiful butterfly costume. Aside from the multi-colored wings, the body stocking she wore was pretty striking. I think the heart bodice and the crystal detailing really enhanced her femininity. Together with her exotic purple hairstyle dramatized with flowers, she resembled a fairy. She gains the top spot for her «Butterfly effect,» taking a fashion trend of sparkly bodysuits and owning it Katy Perry style!

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