8 Celebrities Who Live in NYC ...

Celebrities Who Live in NYC can make a pretty extensive list. And there is no wonder - the Big Apple is one of the best and most dynamic cities in the world! But the 8 celebrities who live in New York City that you will find on this fascinating list are exclusively the A-list celebrities we all want to meet! From an Oscar-winning movie star Kate Winslet to one of the most beautiful women on Earth - model and TV mogul Heidi Klum — you'll find the names of most exciting celebrities who live in NYC in this post, and who knows, maybe you'll even get a chance to sneak a peek or even meet them in person when visiting New York City next time. So here they are - the fabulous** 8 Celebrities Who Live in New York City!**

1. Heidi Klum - the Most Fashionable Celebrity Who Lives in NYC!

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Heidi Klum is one of the celebrities who live in NYC that I would just love to meet! She is probably most widely known as a model and fashion designer. She has been on the cover of many big name magazines including Vogue, Elle, and Marie Claire. If you've never tried her fragrances or makeup line, I would highly encourage you to do that! She has two scents that smell fantastic and I just love her makeup products. They are gorgeous!

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