7 Celebrity College Classes You'll Want to Enroll in ...


There are SO many celebrity college classes available. With celebrities having such influence and power, it's no surprise that professors are making these people the core of their curriculum. Plus, I'm sure it draws in a lot of students and that's always good, right? Here are some of the celebrity college classes that will be/are/have been available.

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Beyonce Feminism/

RIHANNA Womanism
For its spring 2015 semester, the University of Texas is offering a course titled ”Beyoncé Feminism, Rihanna Womanism." The course will be focusing on “how the lyrics, music videos, and actions of these women express various aspects of black feminism such as violence, economic opportunity, sexuality, standards of beauty, and creative self-expression.” This is just one of the many celebrity college classes you'll want to enroll in right away.


The Sociology of Miley Cyrus

This past summer, students at Skidmore College focused on “The Sociology of Miley Cyrus: Race, Class, Gender and Media." Sounds pretty interesting, right? ABC News reported that the class used "Miley as a lens through which to explore sociological thinking about identity, entertainment, media and fame." The class also explored "Cyrus’s shift from 'Hannah Montana' star to pop icon and how her on-stage antics have led to discussions about her sexuality.” Maybe it'll make a return soon?


Politicizing Beyonce

As you can imagine, this class was pretty popular at Rutgers University. It was offered this past summer and the course was developed to help students "become more conscious of pop culture and what they're consuming every day." The course's main goal was to "juxtapose Beyoncé’s music with writings on black feminism and the black female experience in the U.S. (and beyond), to attempt to answer: can Beyoncé’s music be seen as a blueprint for progressive social change?”


Bruce Springsteen’s Theology

In 2013, Rutgers University offered a one-semester course offering a theological approach to Bruce Springsteen’s lyrics. Awesome, right? The class focused "on Springsteen’s reinterpretation of biblical motifs, the possibility of redemption by earthly means (women, cars, music), and his interweaving of secular and sacred elements.”


Michael Jackson: the Business of Music

I would 100% sign up for this course if it was available. Back in 2012, Clark Atlanta University offered a course about the business of music while focusing on the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson. The class studied "how he negotiated, his tours, record deals, merchandising, and how he revolutionized legal practices related to entertainment copyrights, trademarks, licenses and more.”


The Game of Thrones

Are you a Game of Thrones fans? Well, students at the University of Virginia had an awesome summer session this year. “Topics to be discussed include characterization, geography, racial and cultural allegory, resistant conclusion and promiscuous identification."


The Hunger Games: Class, Politics and Marketing

This fall semester, students at the American University are taking a crash course in class, politics and marketing. "Using the series as a case study, this course examines the interplay of class, politics, ethics, and marketing. Topics covered include oppression, feminism, food deserts, rebellion, the publishing industry, and social media marketing.”

Well, there you have it. Surprisingly, these are only 7 out of many celebrity college courses that have been/will be in session. Which class would you want to enroll in? If you could start a brand new course, what would it be?

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I would definitely take a Hunger Games class!

Omg. I would definitely enroll in GoT class. Id ace it lol

MJ defo but I don't think other musicians are up to his level tbh

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