7 Celebrity Kids Who Have Stunned the Modeling World ...

Celebrity kid models have famous parents and good looks. That doesnโ€™t mean they were a shoe-in for a lucrative modeling contract, because there is an amazing amount of competition to get on modeling agency books these days. A name isnโ€™t always everything: theyโ€™ve still got to work to be successful and build a career. Here are some of the celebrity kid models who have been strutting their best in recent times.

1. Dylan Penn

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Winning the genetic jackpot is definitely something, but making the right use of it is the real catch. Some celebrity kid models definitely know how to dazzle the world with their talent, and Dylan Penn is definitely one such name. Daughter of Robin Wright and Sean Penn, Dylan, at the age of 23, has signed with Premiere Models and really taken the modeling world by storm. She's the spitting image of her mother, whereas her disdain for artifice comes from her father, and with such talents, she truly knows how to stay in the spotlight.

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