9 Celebrity Relationship Scandals That We Still Talk about ...

Celebrity relationship scandals keep us interested long after they've happened. Open a tabloid or gossip magazine on any given day and you'll find one ex harping about another (supposedly) or bashing a former lover's new flame (allegedly). Then again, some bitterness is all too real, and that's the kind of juice that fascinates us the most. Odds are, even though some of the following celebrity relationship scandals happened far in the past, you still know a lot of the details.

1. Mia Farrow and Woody Allen

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This tops my list of celebrity relationship scandals because Ronan Farrow just spoke out very loudly and very decisively after Diane Keaton accepted an achievement award on behalf of Woody Allen, and Dylan just released a very poignant open letter. Incidentally, Diane Keaton is one of Allen's former muses, and one of his former lovers. It's Mia Farrow, however, who plays an epic part in this scandal. If you don't know the story, she came upon some pretty solid evidence that Woody Allen was messing around with Soon-Yi Previn, her adopted daughter with former love Andre Previn. And it was true. Woody Allen arguably acted as a father to all of Mia Farrow's children, biological and adopted, but he still ran off with Soon-Yi. At the time, he was 56 and she was 21. It's creepy and the family is still clearly livid, although for more reasons than this.

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