7 Celebs Who'd Also Make Great Singers ...

There are so many celebs who'd make great singers. I think it's so cool and inspiring to see these people have so many different talents! Even though many of these celebs would never leave acting for singing, they all have beautiful voices. Check out some of the celebs who'd make great singers and then let me know who you'd love to listen to all day!

1. Amanda Seyfried

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I've been a fan of Amanda's voice for SO long! She's shown off her vocals in movies like Mamma Mia, Red Riding Hood, Dear John, and Les Miserables. She's got such an angelic voice that I could listen to it all day long! Even though she's incredibly talented, Amanda hasn't really considered going into a full-blown music career. That bums me out because I'd definitely buy her albums! She's just one of many celebs who'd make great singers.

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