7 Celebs Who'd Be Fab BFFs ...


Don't get me wrong — I adore my BFF ... but there are some celebs I think would make a fab backup or emergency BFF. Who are these bestie-material celebs, and why do I want them in my circle?

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Lorde wins my pick for best celeb BFF because while she isn't royal, she sure is loyal (bad pun, I know). Look at how fiercely she defended her friend, Taylor Swift, against a nasty body-shaming campaign by Diplo (who's he, anyway?). The set of tweets prove Lorde's wicked talented AND ready to jump in and defend a friend - what more could you ask for in a bestie?


Taylor Swift

I don't know her, obviously, but she seems like she gets it — listen to the lyrics in the beginning of Shake It Off and you can tell she knows what's going on in the real world with us mere mortals. Also, she's got the closet I'd like to raid most.


Jennifer Lawrence

We've all been creeped on by guys we'd like to avoid forever... and so has Jennifer Lawrence, poor thing. She also loves eating and hates body shaming. She seems so, so down to earth, which is why I want her for a best friend — plus, she probably knows if they're changing the ending for the Mockingjay movie.


Tom Hiddleston

What? I can totally handle having a guy as a best friend — with or without benefits. He's a feminist, and gorgeous, and talented, and did I mention gorgeous? He'd be the ideal party date and because he's a feminist, he'd be trustworthy and polite and not at all handsy.


Emma Watson

Every woman needs a friend who's incredibly smart and mature, and I have the feeling Emma Watson would be that friend. Also, she seems very sweet — and she probably has loads of behind-the-scenes HP gossip, because even now, I'd love to hear it.


Iggy Azalea

Why not? She seems like such a strong person, standing up for herself to Eminem, in what's traditionally a very male-dominated music genre: rap. You can argue about whether she's talented or not, but you have to admit — she's not a pushover, and we all need a friend like that. Also important: she knows her way around Clueless.


Meghan Trainor

I have a serious love-hate relationship with All About the Bass, but I absolutely adore Meghan Trainor anyway. She's completely comfortable in her own skin, confident and happy. She'll be straight with you, and she'll set an excellent example for your kids. Plus, she's got such style!

Who would you add to your circle of celeb besties? I know I've left some ladies (and gentlemen?) off my list, so help me out!

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I would love to have Taylor Swift as my BFF! She's talented, gorgeous, has an amazing fashion sense and was just born awesome! I love her! 😆

No thank you

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