7 Crazy Celebrity Feuds You'd Have to Read about to Believe ...


There is no doubt that celebrity feuds provide us with hours of entertainment! Whether it’s nasty jabs on Twitter or subtle disses in interviews, there are some celebs that just don’t get along. Even the nicest of people can become catty when provoked, and this list of celebrity feuds shows just that!

1. Christina Aguilera V. Kelly Osbourne

Christina Aguilera V. Kelly Osbourne

Celebrity feuds are often sparked by one comment - according to Kelly, Christina provoked her by calling her fat a few years ago in an interview. Kelly then retaliated by saying, “Maybe she’s just becoming the fat b***h she was always born to be” on-air in 2011. Christina didn’t respond to that comment, while Kelly has continued to make snide remarks about Christina’s weight.

Nicki Minaj V. Mariah Carey
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