7 Crush Worthy Celebrities You Should Start Paying More Attention to ...


We tend to see the same actors again and again in magazines, but there are crush worthy celebrities that don’t get enough recognition. They’re insanely talented, sweet, and not to mention good looking. If you’re looking for some crush worthy celebrities to admire, check out this list. But be warned: you just might fall in love with them.

1. Colton Haynes

Colton Haynes

If you haven’t watched Teen Wolf or Arrow, you’re missing out. Colton is one of the crush worthy celebrities who never appears less than gorgeous. If you don’t feel like starting to watch a new show, there are tons of gorgeous photographs of him that you can admire. He began his career as a model, so he knows how to pose. He’s only twenty-five, and not married yet, so theoretically you have a chance!

Taran Killam
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