Dare to Go Bare with Inspiration from Lorde's Makeup-free Selfies ...

Confident girls do not only show off their naked bodies, they show off their naked faces. Dare to go bare once in a while and stay makeup-free! Your skin will thank you for it in the long haul and you're already beautiful without it! Lorde, one of the biggest names in music right now, knows that embracing the skin you're in is always the most popular choice. Check out some of the makeup-free selfies she's shared with the world and hopefully it'll inspire you to do the same!

1. Car Selfies

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@lordemusic ("malibu") We've all been guilty of taking a car selfie!

2. Bare Face at the Beach

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@lordemusic ("j held my sunglasses up to his camera at the beach the other day #cornybutcute #vignetting #lookinatlyfthrurosetintedglasses") I'll never understand the girls that choose to wear makeup to the beach... take a note from Lorde's playbook and have a bare face!

3. Rosy Cheeks

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@lordemusic ("rosy cheeks in ldn (i know, 3 photos of myself in a row yeeuuhhgross but this hat been crying out for a gram, you feel") Feeling extra stylish today? Post it on the gram!

4. Polaroids

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@lordemusic ("regram from my beautiful sis @indyyelich1 who is in melbourne with me right now") Polaroids have been my favorite for quite some time now. Get a group of friends and take makeup-free pics!

5. Silly Faces

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@lordemusic ("airports got me like") Silly expressions are a cute and easy way to show off your makeup-free face!

Are you brave enough to post bare-faced selfies?

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