7 Delightful Street Style Looks from Nicole Richie ...

There are so many awesome street style looks from Nicole Richie. She's really come such a long way fashion-wise and has become a red carpet sensation. I think she has the ability to pull off anything! I mean, who else looks as cool as she does with purple hair?! Check out some of my favorite street style looks from Nicole Richie. They're all easy enough to recreate this summer!

1. Kimono Cardigan

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Kimono cardigans are a must-have for every fashionista. I recently bought one myself and I can't help but want to wear it over everything! It's a really great addition to any simple outfit - like jeans and a tee. It'll add some flare, especially if it's got a cool pattern! You can find some at Forever 21. This is just one of the cool street style looks from Nicole Richie.

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