7 Former Disney Mouseketeers Who HAve Made Names for Themselves ...

These former Disney Mouseketeers entered show business as cute teenagers, so adorable, you wanted to wrap them and take them home. By Mouseketeer, I don't just mean artists who appeared in The Mickey Mouse Club. I included in this list actors and actresses who appeared in Disney's television series and movies. So here are seven of those former Disney Mouseketeers, who have long since dropped those mouse ears and made names for themselves:

1. Britney Spears

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There is so much I can write about Britney Spears and her being one of those Disney Mouseketeers who has managed to remain visible for more than two decades now. I loved her when she first came out with "Baby One More Time". "Oops!... I Did It Again" was an album that I really saved up for in high school. Her life went crazy as she married one man after another but you got to give it to her for picking the pieces and staying in the business.

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