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There are so many celebrities who have completed the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, but here is a compilation of the funniest celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges. Whether or not you agree with the concept of the Ice Bucket Challenge, these celebrities are helping to spread awareness about ALS as well as raise money to find a cure for the disease. I hope you enjoy these funniest celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges!

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Chris Pratt

Loveable ‘Parks and Recreation’ and ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ actor Chris Pratt is definitely one of the funniest celebrity Ice Bucket Challenges! He does take a very different approach to start with than any other celebrity, however he simply couldn’t get away without doing the real thing! This is one Ice Bucket Challenge video that always makes me giggle.


Charlie Sheen

Whether you love or hate Charlie Sheen, he has to be given props for taking the Ice Bucket Challenge to the next level. Instead of doing the conventional challenge, he chooses to really show what the Ice Bucket Challenge is all about - raising money for much-needed research into ALS. Kudos, Charlie.


Verne Troyer

Super-funny 'Austin Powers' actor Verne Troyer’s Ice Bucket Challenge video is just hilarious! Instead of using water, because California is in the middle of a drought, he opts for a much more… ‘delicious’ approach. You’ll have to watch the video to see what I’m talking about!


Bill Gates

What a dude. Instead of getting water tipped on his head by someone else, Bill Gates (challenged by Mark Zuckerberg) constructed an elaborate contraption that delivered a huge bucket of freezing water on his head when he pulled a rope. Bill Gates is well-known for being a wonderful philanthropist, and this is just another charity he has supported.


Benedict Cumberbatch

Oh, gosh this video makes me laugh! Instead of doing the Ice Bucket Challenge just once, this video shows 'Sherlock' actor Benedict Cumberbatch (who was challenged several times) doing the challenge over, and over, and over, and over! Each scenario he comes up with is just brilliant, and this loveable British actor will have you giggling at each and every one. Not to mention that his facial expressions are priceless!


Oprah Winfrey

And the award for “The Best Ice Bucket Challenge Reaction” goes to… Oprah Winfrey! Even though the bucket she used for her challenge is really quite small, her reaction is simply priceless. I love Oprah Winfrey, and her sassiness throughout the video is glorious, particularly when telling her nominations. Just watch and see!


Kermit the Frog

And now for my absolute favourite Ice Bucket Challenge: that of Kermit the Frog! This gorgeous Muppet performs the challenge at his home in the swamp, and soldiers on despite the dangers he faces as a frog being drenched in cold water! Not to mention that he claims to hold the title of the first “person” to do the Ice Bucket Challenge totally naked. Oh Kermit!

So far, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised over $100 million for research about ALS, which is a huge achievement that anyone who has donated should be proud of. This challenge craze has put us one step closer to finding a cure for this debilitating disease. Who has done your favourite Ice Bucket Challenge?

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