12 Hottest Actors from TV Shows ...

Actors from TV Shows are undeniably part of the reason we get addicted to certain programs. Actors from TV shows have a big part of the influence on whether on not we keep watching the show. Think about it. Do you know any guys who would even turn on Pretty Little Liars if it weren't for all the hot chics in it? Or have you thought about how much the viewings on CSI might go down if it weren't for the hotness of George Eads? The truth is, as humans we like to look at attractive faces. So with that thought in mind, I've compiled a list of the 12 hottest actors from TV shows for your enjoyment! Please keep reading to see if you agree with my choices on these hot actors from TV shows!

1. Josh Duhamel

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Truthfully, I can't get enough of this hot hunk! He is probably my favorite out of all the actors from TV shows! He is gorgeous to look at-you can't really deny it! We all watch Las Vegas probably in part because of him. Go on, you like him, admit it!

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