7 Random Pairs of Celebrities You Didn't Know Were Friends ...

There are so many celebrities you didn't know were friends. Even though it's not surprising that everybody knows everybody in Hollywood, these friendships are still pretty random! Do you know which cast member from The Big Bang Theory is friendly with superstar Rihanna? Check out this list of celebrities you didn't know were friends to find out!

1. Jim Parsons & Rihanna

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Big Bang Theory's Jim Parson and Rihanna struck up a friendship while recording vocals for the animated film, "Home." The two say they bonded over their joint "geekery"! Really, Rihanna? I don't see anything geeky (at all) about you! LOL. Still, it's really awesome that the two are friends. Can you imagine if Rihanna ever guest-starred on BBT? That'd be epic! These are just two celebrities you didn't know were friends.

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