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There have been so many celebrities who hid their baby bumps while filming TV shows and movies! Seriously, you'd be surprised at all the sneaky tricks that producers use to hide their stars' growing bellies. Whether their pregnancy was written into the show's storyline, or the character is only seen from the waist up, these women managed to get the job done. Here are nine celebrities who hid their baby bumps while filming:

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Kerry Washington

Kerry Washington Kerry Washington was with child during season 3 of Scandal! That resulted in a lot of paperwork for Olivia Pope. She was always sitting behind desks or super close-up to the camera. The season was set to have 22 episodes but had to be cut to 18 so that they could accommodate Washington's pregnancy! She's just one of many celebrities who hid their baby bumps while filming.


Ginnifer Goodwin

Ginnifer Goodwin Ginnifer Goodwin was pregnant while filming Once Upon A Time! The show hid her baby bump by having her wear baggier clothes but then it was revealed that her character, Snow White, was having a baby! Convenient, right?


Cobie Smulders & Alyson Hanigan

Cobie Smulders & Alyson Hanigan How I Met Your Mother had to deal with not one, but two pregnant stars during season five! Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hanigan hid their baby bumps with large clothing and standing behind strategically placed items. The show actually showed off Alyson's baby bump in a clever way - it was Lily's "food belly" after she had entered a food eating contest!


Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah Jessica Parker Sarah Jessica Parker filmed season 5 of Sex and the City while pregnant! Her character, Carrie Bradshaw was always dressed in flowy and oversized clothing to conceal the baby bump. Of course, she always managed to look like a fashionista! When SJP's baby bump got to be a problem, the show's season had to be cut short.


Jenna Fischer

Jenna Fischer How did "The Office" react to Jenna Fischer's pregnancy? They wrote it into the storyline! Actually, the show scripted TWO pregnancies. That way, Jenna's character, Pam, was pregnant at the same time as the actress. I think it's so cool when the pregnancies are written into the story!


Claire Danes

Claire Danes Claire Danes was pregnant during the filming of season 2 of "Homeland"! She even told the the Hollywood Reporter that it was the most physically demanding thing she's done on-screen. To conceal her growing belly, the show filmed around it, shooting Claire from above the waist and from behind. TV cameramen can be so sneaky, right?!


Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox During the last season of "Friends," Coutney Cox a.k.a Monica became pregnant! The producers faced a tricky situation because the show had already established that Monica and Chandler were unable to conceive. In fact, the adoption story line was already in play when Courtney got pregnant. The show tried to hide her baby bump with oversized clothing but fans definitely knew something was up.


Amy Poehler

Amy Poehler Amy Poehler was pregnant while filming season 2 of "Parks and Recreation"! To accommodate her and her growing belly, the show changed its production schedule. The pregnancy wasn't written into the show so "Parks" hid Amy's baby bump with classic TV tricks and made sure to start filming season 3 immediately after season 2 so Amy could have a break when she had her son.


Ellen Pompeo

Ellen Pompeo Back in 2009, Grey's Anatomy's Ellen Pompeo became pregnant but her TV character, Meredith Grey, was not. The show tried to hide Ellen's baby bump with baggy hospital scrubs but that could only do so much. Eventually, Meredith donated part of her liver to her dad, Thatcher. That gave Ellen some time away from the camera while Meredith recuperated from surgery.

Well, there you have it. These are just nine (of many) celebrities who managed to hide their baby bumps while filming! You definitely gotta give these women props for continuing to be hardworking! Can you think of any other celebs who were pregnant while filming?

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