10 Really Good Celebrity Moms ...


You know what? I’m tired of hearing about bad celebrity mothers on the news. Thank you, Dr. Phil, but we already knew Lindsay Lohan’s mom has issues… do we need to be reminded again? No. You know what I want? I want to hear about good celebrity moms, the ones we admire for their parenting skills, their grace under kid-induced pressure, their glamour through it all. If you agree, keep reading! Here are my picks for 10 really good celebrity moms. Take that, muck-raking media!

1. Kate Hudson

There are lots of reasons I think Kate Hudson is a good celebrity mom. She’s laid back, not overly indulgent, and she seems to have embraced the idea that children need to express themselves, while still following some key rules. Perhaps she learned some of this from her own good celebrity mom, Goldie Hawn.

Victoria Beckham
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