7 Surprising Reasons to Admire Dolly Parton ...

When you think of Dolly Parton, you may think of her assets or her music, but not a list of reasons to admire Dolly Parton. While she may seem like just another country singer, she's a strong, independent woman. We could all stand to gain from following her example. Though the reasons are many, these seven reasons to admire Dolly Parton just might surprise you.

1. Stands behind Family and Friends

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We've all encountered two-faced friends and family who are only there for you when it suits them. One of the best reasons to admire Dolly Parton is her undying loyalty to those she loves. For example, despite all the negative Miley Cyrus headlines, Parton has publicly stood by her. She shows us that it's important to be supportive through both good and bad.

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