11 Wonderful Celebrities to Follow on Instagram ...


There are so many awesome celebrities to follow on Instagram. This list features 11 of my favorites. These celebs are constantly posting photos that let you into their busy lives and it's awesome. Check out some the cool celebrities to follow on Instagram. Then, leave a comment saying who your favorite celebs to follow are.

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Anna Kendrick

Anna Kendrick Anna Kendrick is like my favorite human being, ever. All I want is to be best friends with her. If you follow her on Twitter, then you already know how hilarious she is on social media. She's just as great on Instagram. She's constantly posting photos of her travels and some awesome selfies on @annakendrick47. She's just one of the cool celebrities to follow on Instagram.


James Franco

James Franco Franco’s Instagram account is nothing short of entertaining. It's full of interesting (and questionable) pictures, but what else can you expect from him? A lot of his posts feature his own scribbles and photoshopping "skills". What I love about his account is that he often uses it to mock paparazzi and tabloids. He even reposts fan pictures sometimes which I think is so sweet. You can follow him at @jamesfrancotv.


Aaron Paul

Aaron Paul Breaking Bad's Aaron Paul is constantly giving us new reasons to adore him. His Instagram (@glassofwhiskey) is full of awesome selfies, pictures of his wife, and even an behind-the-scenes shots of whatever project he's currently working on. If you miss seeing him on your TV, make it up for it by following him on Instagram.


Lena Dunham

Lena Dunham If you follow Lena on Twitter, then you know how hilarious she is. She's no different on Instagram. She posts hilarious selfies, pictures of her adorable pup, and behind-the-scenes pictures of Girls. What's not to love about that? You can follow her on @lenadunham.


Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling Behind-the-scenes pictures of The Mindy Project? Yes, please! Mindy is constantly posting awesome cast photos, beautiful selfies, and pictures that showcase her outfit of the day. She's been one of my favorite actresses for quite some time now, so I love keeping up with her on Instagram. You can follow her on @mindykaling.


Ellen Degeneres

If you love Ellen (who doesn't?), then you need to follow her on Instagram. There are tons of adorable cat photos, and exclusive pictures from the show. Every post will brighten up your day. You can follow her on @theellenshow.



Beyonce Must I explain why you should be following @beyonce? She's Queen B! She posts pictures of her travels, tour, and every once in a while, we get a glimpse of her baby girl. Do you follow Beyonce on Instagram?


Justin Bieber

Justin is one of the most-followed celebrities on Instagram, racking in over 15 million followers. Pretty crazy, huh? He's constantly posting photos of his travels, siblings, and even some sneak peeks of his new music. You can follow him on @justinbieber!


Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad Lauren Conrad is such a fashionista. She's constantly posting photos of her travels, selfies, and awesome new clothes. You can follow her on @laurenconrad.


Miley Cyrus

If you want to see behind-the-scenes photos of Miley's Bangerz tour, following her on Instagram is the best way to do it. She's always posting fun pictures of her travels, shows, fans, etc. You can follow her on @mileycyrus.


Nicole Pollizzi

Snooki's Instagram account is full of insanely adorable photos of her son, Lorenzo and her inspirational work out photos. I mean, have you seen her transformation? She's definitely a huge motivation to get to the gym! You can follow her on @snookinic.

Well, there you have it! There are SO many awesome celebrities to follow on Instagram - these are just some of my favorites! What celebs do you love to follow?

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What about Lana del Rey?


Anna Kendrick's latest photo is hysterical!

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