7 Wonderfully Remarkable Celebrity Cancer Survivor Stories ...

Cancer Survivor Stories are incredibly inspiring. October was Breast Cancer Awareness month but, honestly, women need to be aware of the possibility of cancer every month, every day, of the year. Giuliana Rancic revealed her diagnoses last month, which brings up the subject of other celebrity cancer survivor stories. These stories are not special because they are celebrities, but because their notoriety allows them to reach many women. So, here are some remarkable celebrity cancer survival stories that can inspire all of us.

1. Sheryl Crow

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Sheryl Crow's cancer survivor story is particularly poignant not only because she also helped Lance Armstrong through much of his illness, but also because of what she's done with her diagnosis. Since being diagnosed at 44 and going through both surgery and radiation, Sheryl is vocal about advocating annual mammograms. Regular checkups and appointments increases your chances of catching any type of cancer as early as possible.

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