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You rarely hear open confessions by celebrities who have had near death experiences (NDE). Some have admitted that it's embarrassing for them and that they're afraid of appearing to be crazy. However, some have shared their stories during brief interviews conveying similar experiences of facing death. These stories are quite interesting. So, here are several celebrities who have had near death experiences.

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Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor Out of all the celebrities who have had near death experiences, the late Elizabeth Taylor experienced one of the most profound ones and because of this she once said that she wasn't afraid of dying anymore. She explained that she died while undergoing surgery and was immediately taken to a tunnel of bright white light. While there, she encountered her deceased husband Mike Todd, who told her that she had to turn around and go back because there was something important for her to accomplish in the physical world.


Tony Bennett

Tony Bennett In the late 1970s, Tony Bennett decided to overdose in the midst of personal family, career, and financial problems. During his NDE, he says he was engulfed by a warm glow for a brief moment until he was suddenly pulled back to reality. From then on out, he decided to make changes in his life. He got back into the studio and started to target his music towards a younger crowd.


Jane Seymour

Jane Seymour Jane Seymour says that during her encounter with death, all she could think about was surviving for the sake of her children. She said that she caught the flu and had a bad allergic reaction to Penicillin. After slipping away for 30 seconds, Seymour claims that her spirit was floating in a corner above her hospital bed as she watched the doctors attempt to resuscitate her body. She told God that if he saved her, she would never take his name in vain again. He must have heard her prayer.


Ozzy Osbourne

Ozzy Osbourne Ozzy Osbourne looks like he has already died several times in this lifetime-especially in his mind. Osbourne said that following a bike accident he died twice and was left in a coma for eight days. During his NDE, he was taken to darkness surrounded by a white light. He witnessed the bright light, but sadly enough, he was disappointed that there were no angels or any other supernatural encounters that most people speak highly about. Immediately following his NDE, Osbourne left his drinking and drugging lifestyle behind him.


Donald Sutherland

Donald Sutherland When he fell ill with meningitis in 1979, actor Donald Sutherland thought he was done for. He said he remembers how all the pain and suffering he was feeling suddenly vanished as he felt himself leave his body. Like many other similar experiences, Sutherland experienced being taken down a tunnel of light, but it was blue. Physicians later told him that he had passed away for a very short time.


Gary Busey

Gary Busey Gary Busey's NDE changed his life and his faith. The actor has come close to dying numerous times-via a drug/alcohol addiction and cancer. However, a motorcycle accident in 1988 took him to a place where he said he was surrounded by angels. He described these angels as huge balls of light that are filled with unconditional love. Since his encounter with the afterlife, he has dedicated his life as a follower of Jesus Christ and now is a motivational Christian speaker.


Sharon Stone

Sharon Stone Sharon Stone says she was met by a white light when she passed away from a brain hemorrhage. Stone remembers the internal bleeding in her brain feeling similar to being shot in the head. She says that she was taken to a place far and beyond where she became reunited with her friends. The 56-year-old actress said in an interview with Kate Couric that her life has not been the same since and ”I get to be not afraid of dying and I get to tell other people that it's a fabulous thing and that death is a gift.”

We will never know what the afterlife truly looks like since no person's NDE is never quite the same. However, there are some similarities, such as witnessing a light, meeting with old friends, hovering over a deathbed, or being swept down a tunnel. Do you think that a celebrity's experience with death validates the possibility of an afterlife? Have you ever had one of your own?

Source: near-death.com

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Wow scary

Wow. This shows the works of God and how he can change peoples lives. Great article.

Cool! I love Elizabeth Taylor! Also, Benedict Cumberbatch has had four near death experiences! Check them out of you want to read more

I didn't know!

awesome !

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