7 Hollywood Same-Sex Couples We Love ...

These adorable Hollywood same-sex couples have expressed their love to the world, in a time when same-sex marriage is such a talked-about topic. These couples show that true love exists in many forms, and speak out about equality for all. I just can’t handle how sweet and wonderful these beautiful Hollywood same-sex couples are!

1. Jesse Tyler Ferguson & Justin Mikita

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Modern Family star, Jesse Tyler Ferguson got engaged to his gorgeous partner of two years, Justin Mikita, in September of 2012. They were married in New York City in July of 2013, in the company of friends and family. The two run a not-for-profit charity called Tie the Knot, raising funds in support of same-sex marriage by selling bow ties. They are just one of many Hollywood same-sex couples that are very outspoken in their support for worldwide same-sex marriage.

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