7 Awfully Outrageous Celebrity Trends I Hate ...


Celebrity Trends are getting a bit out of hand these days and, although I like to spend a lot of time trying to find pieces that would help regular folks pull off some of those celebrity trends on a budget, I must admit there are a lot of things I don’t really approve of!


So, before you spend half of your paycheck on Hollywood hot items, take a look at these celebrity trends I hate and make a not to yourself not to repeat these obvious mistakes:

1. UGG Boots at All Cost

If you think introducing fashion laws and fashion police would be just another not particularly creative way to spend a massive amount of tax payer’s money then you certainly didn’t have a chance to “enjoy” one of the most popular celebrity trends – UGG boots worn with denim shorts, short miniskirts, girly dresses and other summer pieces!

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t these boots supposed to be winter footwear?

What’s the point of wearing them in summer?

One tip for all celebrities sporting this trend and all regular folks trying to copy it – try sandals, your feet will both feel and smell a whole lot nicer.2

Just saying…

Moschino Belt at All Cost
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