10 Famous Power Couples from Movies Every Romantic Must Know ...


Certain movies have power couples that are memorable and lovable in their own way.

Some, even, go down in history.

These famous movies are automatically more likable and enjoyable because they have our favourite couples in them and they are so irresistible and so utterly romantic, that everyone who believes in true love should definitely know them!2

Which power couple is your favourite?

1. Jack and Rose

Jack and Rose

"Titanic", 1997

In Titanic, Jack and Rose are a couple that shouldn't be together due to their social class differences of the time and because they are from totally different backgrounds.2

Rose is unhappy and doesn't love her fiancΓ©e, but it takes her a while to admit that her heart lies with Jack.

Once they decide to fight the rules of society to be together, they become a power couple who struggle through to the bitter end.

2. Romeo and Juliet

Romeo and Juliet

"Romeo + Juliet", 1996

In Romeo + Juliet, there is ongoing feud between two families (Montague vs Capulet) who see each other only in competition.

That is, until Romeo Montague lays eyes on Juliet Capulet and vice versa, falling deeply in love with each other.

All hell breaks loose as the families do everything they can to separate their children, but the pair are determined to prove they belong together and won't let anyone interfere with their romance and intense passion.

They are focused on being together until the very end.

3. Sandy and Danny

Sandy and Danny

"Grease", 1978

In Grease, Sandy and Danny had a romantic fling before high school, thinking they would never see each other again as they go to different schools that are separated with plenty of distance.

However, when Sandy ends up moving to the same high school as Danny, things change dramatically as he tries to maintain his 'stud' image, despite Sandy's romance and passion for him.

Baby and Johnny
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