7 Celebrities Who Changed Their Name for Fame ...

Take a look at some celebrities who changed their name. Going into the limelight must be a tough thing, so I totally understand why some people would want stage names. It’s a cool kind of way to have a life separate from Hollywood. The list of celebrities who changed their name for fame goes on and on, but this is just seven of them. I think these celebs all made good choices!

1. Miley Ray Cyrus

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The real Miley fans know that she wasn’t really born with that name. This talented singer was born “Destiny Hope Cyrus” and legally changed her name in 2008. Growing up, her nickname was “smiley” because she always had a big ol’ smile on her face. The name stuck and was shortened to Miley! Her fan base is called “smilers” (how cute?). I’m glad she’s one of the celebrities who changed their name because I definitely think Miley fits her more than Destiny!

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