9 Celebrities Who Were in '90s Commercials ...

Believe it or not, there are so many big-name celebrities who were in '90s commercials. I think it's so awesome to watch them before they made it to super-stardom. Even though some '90s commercials were pretty silly, these celebrities look absolutely adorable in them. They've all gone on to do bigger and better things so kudos to them! Check out some of the celebrities who were in '90s commercials.

1. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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Joseph has always been such a cutie! In this commercial, he played a sweet little boy who was concerned with getting his dad to eat a Pop-Tart for breakfast before heading off to work. With an adorable smile like his, I'm sure Joseph helped raise Pop-Tarts sales! He's just one of many celebrities who were in '90s commercials.

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