7 Celebs Who Have Praised Ariana Grande's Talent ...

It's hard to find someone who's not a major fan of Ariana Grande. When this superstar dropped her debut album, Yours Truly, she gained a huge and loyal fan base. She's confessed that she's not used to having "famous fans," but that's exactly what she has! Check out the list of some celebrities who have praised Ariana Grande and her talent.

1. Rihanna

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Ariana's been a huge fan of Rihanna for such a long time! When Rihanna followed her on Instagram, Ariana let out her inner "fan-girl" and let us all know just how much she was freaking out about it. The two met backstage at an award show where Ariana said her mom practically nudged her in Rihanna's direction! Rihanna went on to say that Ariana Grande has "the most innocent face, but it's nothing compared to that voice!"

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