An Eye-Opening Look at Child Stars Who Have Matured Beautifully ...

My heart breaks every time I hear news of former child stars who are trashing their lives for all the world to see. Lindsay Lohan was once an adorable kid in the "Parent Trap" and then, she partied too much and committed a couple of offenses that could break any movie fan's heart. I don't even want to name the others because they just add to the list of bad news. So, let me just share seven child stars who've matured into fine young men and women and are still in the game to give us the best of their talents and skills:

1. Natalie Portman

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Even before she won an Academy Award as Best Actress for her role as the ballerina Nina in the Black Swan, Natalie Portman was already considered one of those child stars who has made a remarkable name for herself in the industry. She graduated with a psychology degree from Harvard University in 2003 and can speak seven languages. Fine woman, isn't she?

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