7 Fantastic Reasons to Love Bella Thorne ...


There are so many awesome reasons to love Bella Thorne. At such a young age, she's been able to accomplish so much. It's really inspiring to see the young generation going above and beyond and working hard for their dreams and goals. Check out some of the fantastic reasons to love Bella Thorne.

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She Loves Her Fans

Bella's constantly showing love to her fans. On Twitter, she's always re-tweeting them and replying to them as much as she can! She posts tons of inspirational tweets and thanks her fans for their never-ending support. At her recent Seventeen Magazine cover signings, Bella tried to take pictures with all of the fans that showed up. She's truly dedicated to her fan base and that's just one of the reasons to love Bella Thorne!


Her Sense of Style

When Bella gets glammed up for red carpet events, it's ridiculous how good she looks. She's becoming quite the fashionista and has been nailing every red carpet look this year! She always looks really elegant without ever even trying too hard. I think she's come a long way fashion-wise and she'll become a fashion icon in no time.


Her Music

Bella has an album coming out in the near future. Until then, she's released a single! The track, "Call It Whatever" premiered on Radio Disney to an overwhelmingly positive response from fans. I think it's a really catchy song and perfect to become a summer anthem! I really do hope the song finds major success on radio stations. I can't wait to hear other songs she'll be releasing. Have you heard "Call It Whatever" yet?


Her Dancing Skills

Bella really is a triple threat. Aside from acting and singing, Bella can throw down some serious moves. I mean, if you've seen an episode of 'Shake It Up' on Disney Channel, then you know what I'm talking about! The show's already ended but that hasn't stopped Bella from dancing. She's constantly posting videos of her and her friends dancing on Instagram! To check them out, follow her account, @bellathorne.


She's an Advocate

In case you didn't know, Bella's dyslexic. However, she doesn't let that be a road bump for her. Instead, she talks about it and lends support to other people who are also dyslexic. Bella recently inked a book deal and tweeted, "from dyslexia to writing a YA book series....anything is possible." Indeed it is!


She's a Dog Lover

Bella's pup, Kingston, goes with her everywhere. Whether it be grocery shopping or out on a lunch date, the pup never leaves her side. How adorable is that? Anyone who loves dogs that much is alight in my book.


She's Charitable

Bella's always bringing attention to the charities she loves. She cares about charities like 'The Thirst Project', an organization set to raise awareness about the global water crisis. Recently, while shooting her new movie, 'Blended', in South Africa, she took time out of her shooting schedule to visit an orphanage. She was even just awarded “Role Model of the Year” at the 2013 KAR tv Dance Awards for all of her hard work!

Well, there you go! These are just seven out of many awesome reasons to love Bella Thorne. She's accomplished so much at the age of 16 and I can only imagine what else she has in store. She's a great role model for young women, always inspiring one to go above and beyond. What do you love most about Bella?

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my daughter loves her

I don't consider her a triple threat really... she's pretty and she can act but I don't see her as a singer but her acting is ok ish

Love Bella :-*

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