For These Celebs, Age Ain't Nothing but a Number!

There have been so many celeb couples with age gaps! I don't know if people ever use the "age gap formula," but I've always heard that to find out if someone's too young for you, you need to add 7 to half of your age. For example, if you're 24, half of that is 12, plus 7 = 19. So, the minimum dating age for you would be 19! Of course, age isn't what is important in a relationship. These celebs know that! Check out some of the celeb couples with age gaps:

1. Katy Perry & John Mayer

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Anyone miss Katy and John together? I thought they were such a cute couple! I especially love when they paired up for the duet, "Who You Love." Katy and John took their first portraits together back in 2013 for She was 29 and he was 36. They're just one of many celeb couples with age gaps!

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