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7 Reasons I'm Glad Kim Kardashian Finally Delivered Her Baby ...

By Kay

Celebrity babies have grown increasingly popular in this celebrity-obsessed era, making the craze over Kim Kardashian’s baby anything but a surprise to anyone who owns a television or computer. Although I fail to understand the obsession with Kim Kardashian, many of her loyal fans have crowned her as a fashion goddess and reality television extraordinaire. Despite all these things, even her most loyal fans would agree that her pregnancy has been painful (to say the least) to watch in the media. Never appearing to shy away from her beloved paparazzi, although her rapper-beau Kanye West is an entirely different story, Kardashian held her head and kept her heels even higher during her entire pregnancy. While her confidence is admirable, check out the 7 reasons I am ecstatic Kim Kardashian FINALLY delivered baby KimYe.

1 Kim's Maternity Fashion Choices

From her "grandmother’s couch" look at the Met Gala, to her sad attempt at pulling off her sister Kourtney’s old maternity dress, Kim Kardashian’s baby has been through her fair share of fashion mishaps courtesy of Ms. Kardashian. Often known for impeccable fashion sense, Kim seemed to miss the mark when it came to properly pulling off outfits during her pregnancy, mostly due to her desire not to wear actual maternity clothes despite her baby belly. Now that her baby is born, let’s hope that Kim picks up where she left off as far as being fashionable.

2 Kanye’s Less-than-Happy Paparazzi Faces

Unlike Kim, Kanye is known for not being too fond of the paparazzi. During the pregnancy, Kanye was often captured looking less than happy on numerous occasions. Whether he was frowning from sadness or scowling, Kanye almost always appeared to be in a dark place whenever he was pictured with his girlfriend and soon-to-be delivered baby. Now that the baby girl is born, we can only hope to see a lot less frowning and more smiling from Kanye in the near future.


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3 The Constant Speculation over the Baby’s Name

From Kadience to North, there has been MUCH speculation over KimYe’s baby name. While reports are a still a little sketchy on the actual name of the baby, at least now that she’s in the world, the media can stop constantly speculating on what the baby’s name COULD be. Although the public may be uncertain of the child’s name, it’s a fact that now that the baby is born, she actually has a name. Thus, the ridiculous speculation into the possible names can (and should) come to a halt. No matter what the baby’s name is, the media should be rejoicing that the baby was born healthy and into a happy family. The name is the least of the child’s worries, no matter what it is.

4 No More Screaming Feet

Going hand-in-hand with Ms. Kardashian’s sad maternity fashion sense was her terrible decision to wear strappy high heels with swollen feet. While it’s a well-known fact that a pregnant woman’s feet often swell, Kim still decided that pumps were the answer to many of her lackluster outfits. Although her confidence in wearing these heels is admirable, I think everyone would agree that there wasn’t anything attractive about her swollen feet in pumps, nor the number they did on her feet once she took them off.

5 No More Reminiscing

Kim’s Instagram and Twitter pages were often filled with pictures of her reminiscing about how skinny she used to be. As a pregnant woman, of course Kim was not going to be the same weight she was in her glory days, so to speak. Her constant obsessing over her "old" weight was not only annoying, but also a bit sad, considering the fact that every woman’s body’s goes through these types of changes and most women just deal with it. Now that little KimYe is born, Kim has the opportunity to nurse her new baby while getting back to where she felt most comfortable. (Sidenote: Baby weight is healthy. I personally think women reach new heights of beautiful when pregnant.)

6 The Baby Will Get to Make Her Debut in the Kardashian Christmas Picture

The Kardashians are known for taking a fierce holiday picture every year and releasing it for... wait, why do they release this photo to the public? Anyhow, this year, KimYe's baby will get to join the ranks of the other famous Kardashians in the high fashion-glam Christmas picture that usually makes me wince in comparison to my own family's holiday pictures (Do we have to wear the Christmas sweaters EVERY year, mom? The Kardashians don't!) Whatever theme they choose for this year's photo, it will be sure not to disappoint.

7 Babies Are Beautiful

Everyone is curious to know how baby KimYe will look. Will she have her mother's eyes or daddy's jaw-line? Whose smile will she acquire? No matter what the answers to these questions are, the fact remains that a new life being born into the world is always beautiful. Babies are cute. Everyone loves babies. So, regardless of what Kim Kardashian's baby looks like, she's likely to turn heads anyway.

What do you think about Kim Kardashian finally having her baby? Anxious to see her make her debut on their television show? Comment and tell me what you think!

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