7 Talented Celebs You Didn't Know Could Sing ...

We usually assume that actors stick to their talent on the stage or screen, but there are tons of celebs you didn’t know could sing that show their talent goes beyond their acting. So many actors out there are threats with their ability to act, sing, and even sometimes dance. Whether you love these actors, or don’t even know who they are, they all have some great voices. There are a ton of celebs you didn’t know could sing, but these ones are most shocking in my opinion.

1. Colton Hayes

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Of all of the celebs you didn’t know could sing, Colton Hayes might be the sexiest. Most popular for his role in Teen Wolf, Hayes is known for playing the bad boy in most of his roles. But this bad boy has got quite the sensitive voice. He sounds like the mix between a country singer and Jason Mraz. As if his abs were not enough to make us love him already.

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