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These ShondaLand celebrities have made Thursday nights my favorite night of the week. Seriously, every week I look forward to enjoying THREE hours of awesome TV! ShondaLand Thursday includes Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and the new drama, How To Get Away With Murder. Now, if you don't know what ShondaLand is (really, though?) all you need to know is that Shonda Rhimes is the one responsible for bringing us these shows! If you're like me, live-tweeting is a must during Thursday nights and these ShondaLand celebrities are the ones you should be following on Twitter:

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Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey

Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey First up on ShondaLand Thursdays is Grey's Anatomy! You HAVE to be following Meredith Grey (@EllenPompeo) and Dr. McDreamy (@PatrickDempsey)! The two are constantly posting photos and behind-the-scenes content while on set. Ellen also interacts with fans as much as she can during new episodes - tweet her and you might get lucky and get a reply! These are just two of many ShondaLand celebrities.


Camilla Luddington & Kevin Mckidd

Camilla Luddington & Kevin Mckidd Dr. Jo Wilson became everyone's favorite when she stole the heart of Alex Karev. Ugh, those two are so cute together. Jo, a.k.a Camilla Luddington is always live-tweeting (@CamillaLuddington) and posting fun photos of her and Justin Chambers (Karev) on Twitter! He, unfortunately, does not have a Twitter BUT, you can follow the guy in charge, Dr. Hunt (@TheRealMcKidd).


Jesse Williams & Sarah Drew

Jesse Williams & Sarah Drew Hubba hubba. You can follow Dr. Avery (@iJesseWilliams) on Twitter, where he posts cool photos and interacts with fans! *Warning* he tends to be a bit sarcastic online... LOL. You can also follow his on-screen wife, Sarah Drew (@SarahDrewGreys)


Jessica Capshaw & Sara Ramirez

Jessica Capshaw & Sara Ramirez Everyone loves and roots for Arizona and Callie's relationship! You can follow them on Twitter, @JessicaCapshaw and @SaraRamirez to stay up to date on all that's going on!


Kerry Washington & Scott Foley

Kerry Washington & Scott Foley Next up on ShondaLand Thursday is Scandal! Follow @KerryWashington & @ScottKFoley for their live-tweeting. Sorry #TeamFitz lovers, I'm all about #TeamJake!


Tony Goldwyn & Bellamy Young

Tony Goldwyn & Bellamy Young Follow President Fitz and his first lady on Twitter because they live-tweet through new episodes every week! Follow on @TonyGoldwyn and @BellamyYoung.


Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz & Darby Stanchfield

Katie Lowes, Guillermo Diaz & Darby Stanchfield Follow these Gladiators (wait, is Quinn a "Gladiator" again?) on Twitter! They're always live-tweeting and posting cool set photos. You can follow their Twitter accounts:
@KatieQLowes and @GuillermoDiazYo and Darby Stanchfield @DarbysOfficial.


Elliot Knight & Jack Falahee

Elliot Knight & Jack Falahee Last up on ShondaLand Thursdays is the newest ABC drama, How To Get Away With Murder! Follow the leading man @elliot_knight (who was actually in Harry Potter back in the day) and Jack Falahee (@RestingPlatypus) on Twitter! I suggest you do it now before they gain hundreds of thousands of followers!


Karla Souza, Liza Weil & Matt McGorry

Karla Souza, Liza Weil & Matt McGorry Don't forget about HTGAWM's Karla Souza (@KarlaSouza7) who plays a very promising law student. Oh, and if Bonnie Winterbottom looked familiar to you, that's because it's Liza Weil (@Liza_Weil)... a.k.a Paris from Gilmore Girls! Matt McGorry (@MattMcGorry) is also in the show - you know, that cute officer from Orange Is The New Black! Follow all of them for some cool live-tweeting.

Well, there you have it. ShondaLand has completely taken over Thursday nights on ABC and I can't get enough of it. Which of these show is your favorite? Are you following these celebs on Twitter?

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As of Monday, Justin Chambers (Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy) has a Twitter! It's 7justinchambers I think :)

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