#TGIT: ShondaLand Celebrities You Should Be following on Twitter ...

These ShondaLand celebrities have made Thursday nights my favorite night of the week. Seriously, every week I look forward to enjoying THREE hours of awesome TV! ShondaLand Thursday includes Grey's Anatomy, Scandal, and the new drama, How To Get Away With Murder. Now, if you don't know what ShondaLand is (really, though?) all you need to know is that Shonda Rhimes is the one responsible for bringing us these shows! If you're like me, live-tweeting is a must during Thursday nights and these ShondaLand celebrities are the ones you should be following on Twitter:

1. Ellen Pompeo & Patrick Dempsey

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First up on ShondaLand Thursdays is Grey's Anatomy! You HAVE to be following Meredith Grey (@EllenPompeo) and Dr. McDreamy (@PatrickDempsey)! The two are constantly posting photos and behind-the-scenes content while on set. Ellen also interacts with fans as much as she can during new episodes - tweet her and you might get lucky and get a reply! These are just two of many ShondaLand celebrities.

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