7 Things We Can Learn at the Expense of a Celebrity ...


There are many things to learn from celebrities, however I have compiled a list of 7 that I believe are essential. If we are going to learn anything from celebrities let it be life tips right? Celebs seem to slip up now and again and thanks to the paparazzi we can learn from their examples. Here are 7 life tips we can learn from at the expense of a celebrity.

1. Never Kiss and Tell

Although I love hearing about Celeb hook-ups, its never classy to be the one dishing the juicy details. Both John Mayer and Wilmer Valderrama are famous for “kissing and telling.” And where has this gotten them? A first class ticket to douche-ville, that’s where. Things to learn from celebrities is don’t be the one spilling the beans about how great or not so much they were in the sack. All this will score you is a few extra months of singleton.

Rational Thinking
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