Whoa - Who Knew These Celebs Are the Same Age?! ...


It's so crazy to see a pair of celebrities who are the same age but have totally different careers. Here are ten pairs of celebs that are shockingly the same age:

1. Kim K & Jessica Simpson

Kim K & Jessica Simpson

The two have totally different careers but they're both 34!

2. Sarah Hyland & Jennifer Lawrence

Sarah Hyland & Jennifer Lawrence

Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and The Hunger Games star are both 23!

3. Lindsay Lohan & Amber Heard

Lindsay Lohan & Amber Heard

Did you know that the former Disney star and Johnny Depp's love were both born in 1986?

4. Tara Reid & Kate Winslet

Tara Reid & Kate Winslet

Oscar winner Kate Winslet and the Sharknado star were both born in 1975.

5. Megan Fox & the Olsen Twins

Megan Fox & the Olsen Twins

Megan Fox, Mary-Kate, and Ashley were all born in 1986.

6. Kate Upton & Selena Gomez

Kate Upton & Selena Gomez

These two are both incredibly successful and are only 21!

7. Jennifer Aniston & Cate Blanchett

Jennifer Aniston & Cate Blanchett

The Friends star and Cate were both born in 1969.

8. Taylor Momsen & Ariana Grande

Taylor Momsen & Ariana Grande

These couldn't look more different but they're both the same age - 21!

9. Hayden PANETTIERE & Taylor Swift

Hayden PANETTIERE & Taylor Swift

Did you know that Nashville's Hayden Panettiere and Country superstar Taylor Swift were both born in 1989?

10. Jamie Lee CURTIS & Madonna

Jamie Lee CURTIS & Madonna

Both superstars were born in 1958!

Can you think of any celebs who might not look the same age but actually are?