13 Celebrities with Freckles That'll Make You Embrace Your Own ...

There are so many celebrities with freckles that will help you learn to embrace your own. Nowadays, we're so used to see airbrushed skin that we try to hide the freckles on our face! It's time to embrace them because they're beautiful. Check out some of the celebrities with freckles:

1. Emma Stone

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Emma's freckles are so popular that comedian Jim Carrey once said he'd like to have "freckle-faced babies" with her! . Emma's admitted that it took her a long time to love her freckles but now she's learned to embrace them. “I used to do anything I could to cover them up," she said. "I always wanted them to go away and now I just want more." With her light eyes, the freckles on her face only adds to her beauty! She's one of the many celebrities with freckles that'll make you embrace your own!

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