Whoa - Who Knew These Celebs Are the Same Age?


It's so crazy to see a pair of celebrities who are the same age but have totally different careers. Here are ten pairs of celebs that are shockingly the same age:

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Kim K & Jessica Simpson

Kim K & Jessica Simpson The two have totally different careers but they're both 34!


Sarah Hyland & Jennifer Lawrence

Sarah Hyland & Jennifer Lawrence Modern Family's Sarah Hyland and The Hunger Games star are both 23!


Lindsay Lohan & Amber Heard

Lindsay Lohan & Amber Heard Did you know that the former Disney star and Johnny Depp's love were both born in 1986?


Tara Reid & Kate Winslet

Tara Reid & Kate Winslet Oscar winner Kate Winslet and the Sharknado star were both born in 1975.


Megan Fox & the Olsen Twins

Megan Fox & the Olsen Twins Megan Fox, Mary-Kate, and Ashley were all born in 1986.

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Kate Upton & Selena Gomez

Kate Upton & Selena Gomez These two are both incredibly successful and are only 21!


Jennifer Aniston & Cate Blanchett

Jennifer Aniston & Cate Blanchett The Friends star and Cate were both born in 1969.


Taylor Momsen & Ariana Grande

Taylor Momsen & Ariana Grande These couldn't look more different but they're both the same age - 21!


Hayden PANETTIERE & Taylor Swift

Hayden PANETTIERE & Taylor Swift Did you know that Nashville's Hayden Panettiere and Country superstar Taylor Swift were both born in 1989?


Jamie Lee CURTIS & Madonna

Jamie Lee CURTIS & Madonna Both superstars were born in 1958!

Can you think of any celebs who might not look the same age but actually are?

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I can't believe Kate Upton is only 21!

I love Jamie Lee Curtis! She's growing old gracefully and looks amazing for it. She looks so much better than Madonna in my opinion 😊

Jamie lee Curtis looks so much better than Madonna. natural and beautiful

Wow age sucks

Kate upton is 23...

Does anyone know just what is Kim K's career? I think Jamie Lee Curtis looks considerably younger than Madonna. It's amazing what clean living will do for you.

Yeah that's why her new album is called 1989

jamie lee curtis looks AMAZING !

Wow the Lindsey Lohan and Amber Heard is crazzzzy

Taylor swift born in 1989?

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