Celebrity Pinterest Boards for Star-Studded Inspiration ...


Did you know that there are a ton of celebrity Pinterest boards made by celebrities themselves? Well, now you do, and I highly suggest you start following them. Much like a Pinterest board is to us, celebrity Pinterest boards show their likes, style, aspirations, etc. and act as a portal into their world. We've put together a list of some totally pin-worthy boards that you'll want to take a look at right away. Check out this list of celebrity Pinterest boards and get ready to pin!

1. Ellen Degeneres

Ellen Degeneres

One of the best celebrity Pinterest boards is without a doubt that of Ellen Degeneres. It's as funny as you'd expect, with texting fails, funny quotes, silly tattoos, etc., but it also has plenty of heartwarming boards...and cute babies! Everyone loves cute babies, right?

Jessica Alba
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