7 Hollywood Celebrities with College Degrees ...


I love celebrities with college degrees simply because they seem to tell me that they value education as much as they enjoy being in the limelight as movie stars.

I did not include Jodie Foster, Natalie Portman and Emma Watson in this list of celebrities with college degrees because in my biased opinion, their success in snagging their college diplomas has been repeatedly reported.

So here’s some celebrities with college degrees that you can draw inspiration from – or perhaps, just some simple FYI.

1. Rowan Atkinson

Rowan Atkinson

This English actor tickled our funny bones as Mr.


He is so good at comedy that you won’t believe that he actually has a degree in Electrical Engineering from Newcastle University.


Electrical Engineering!

But wait, there’s more.

He has a Master of Science (in what else?) in Electrical Engineering obtained at Queen’s College, Oxford.

As one of the celebrities with college degrees, Mr.

Bean does know how to electrify people with his gift of acting!

2. Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

The Dallas Buyers Club actor has a bachelor’s degree in radio, television and film from the University of Texas, where he graduated in 1993.

He was also an exchange student in Australia under the Rotary’s Youth Exchange Program.

The Academy Award winner for Best Actor wanted to be a lawyer but didn’t become one.

But he did play lawyer Jake Brigance in the film adaptation of John Grisham’s novel A Time to Kill.

3. Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita Nyong’o

She rose to international fame as the slave Patsey in "12 Years a Slave" that earned her an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress.

Lupita was born in Mexico to Kenyan parents but was educated in the United States.

Not everyone knows that this beautiful, inspiring woman graduated with a bachelor’s degree in film and theatre studies from Hampshire College.

From there, she went on to study at the Yale School of Drama where she graduated in 2012.

Ashley Judd
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