8 Shocking Celebrity Scandals from the past Year ...


What celebrity scandals stood out most to you last year?

2012 was a crazy year for the showbiz world, and it seemed that a week didn’t go by without another unbelievable headline.

Therapists have recently revealed that recapping celebrity scandals is a vital therapy tool, offering emotional stability – so here’s the headlines that we viewed most, from the crazy to the tragic.2

1. Whitney Houston Died…

Can you believe that it was back in February when the music industry went into mourning?

The 48-year-old legendary singer was found in a bathtub in her hotel room at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on February 11th.

Hundreds of rumors surrounded her death, including reports that she had been partying hard for hours before being found dead, but the coroner ruled that no foul play had been involved.

Her funeral was an emotional affair, and thousands of artists thanked her for the endless inspiration.

While her family were involved in several other celebrity scandals, it still seems bizarre that such a Queen of pop is gone.

Tulisa’s Sex Tape…
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